A Weekly Remedy for Your Thirst for Intensity

This high intensity interval workout, designed to develop your cardiovascular and muscular endurance, will propel you out of your comfort zone.


Weight loss


Cardiovascular fitness


Muscular endurance

How does it work?

Cardio-BootCamp workouts consist of alternating cardiovascular and muscular exercises in the form of pyramidal training punctuated by periods of recovery jogging. The workout ends with some very intense weight training exercises so you can gain strength and see results more quickly.


Short (Express) Formula Available

The Express formula is structured like the complete program without the period of muscle toning. Less time, but just as much impact; all done quickly, and accurately! When available, you’ll find this program labelled as Cardio-BootCamp Express.


Key benefits

  • Increased weight loss;
  • Rapidly improves cardiovascular fitness;
  • Produces visible results after a short time.

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