Cardio-F.i.t. Famille

A Workout to F.i.t. Your Family’s Schedule

Cardio-F.i.t. Famille has been developed especially for families looking for a complete and effective workout. This interval training workout, inspired by our popular Cardio-F.i.t. program, will appeal to all members of your family thanks to its intensity and accessibility.


What is it?

Cardio-F.i.t. Famille is a functional and accessible workout that improves cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, coordination and agility. Challenge yourself in a fun atmosphere while transmitting healthy lifestyle habits to your child! Ideal for children aged 7 to 11 years old.


Capacité cardiovasculaire


Endurance musculaire

How does it work?

This 45-minute program includes a warm-up, a series of intervals in the form of circuits and stations and a free play period. A stretching period closes each workout.


Key benefits

  • Maximizes your time by uniting family and training;
  • Improves agility and coordination;
  • Improves muscle tone;
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness;
  • Allows parents to have a real workout at the same time as their children;
  • Encourages the acquisition of healthy lifestyle habits from a young age;
  • Reinforces the importance of playing outside;
  • Promotes complicity between parents and their children;
  • Cardio-Bambin program available for children from 3 to 6 years old. Refer to your franchisee.