The Ideal Program for a Complete Workout

Adopt Cardio-Musculation, a complete and effective workout allowing you to get in shape at your own pace, without judgment!


Weight loss


Cardiovascular fitness


Muscular endurance

How does it work?

This program includes a warm-up, a period of cardiovascular exercise and strength training with a resistance band. Each workout ends with a relaxation period inspired by tai chi.


Short (Express) Formula Available

The Express formula is structured like the complete program without the period of muscle toning. Less time, but just as much impact; all done quickly, and accurately! When available, you’ll find this program labelled as Cardio-Musculation Express.


Key benefits

  • Promotes weight loss;
  • Improves muscle tone;
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness;
  • Offers complete physical conditioning;
  • Provides sustained motivation.

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