At Your Own Pace for a Smooth Progression

Cardio-Vitalité is an excellent introduction to open-air training and allows you to get in shape with confidence.


What is it?

Whether it is to recover from an injury or to train while respecting the constraints imposed by any pathology, this program offers a lower pace and intensity than the Cardio-Musculation program.


Weight loss


Cardiovascular fitness


Muscular endurance

How does it work?

Being a direct derivative of the Cardio-Musculation program, Cardio-Vitalité has the same characteristics but at a slower pace. Familiarize yourself with our concept with ease.


70+ Formula Available (Cardio-Aîné)

Cardio-Aîné is an outdoor cardio and weight training program for people aged 70 years and older aimed at maintaining healthy cardiovascular and respiratory systems, muscular endurance, flexibility and balance in anticipation of falls and fractures.


Key benefits

  • Suitable for more sedentary people or those with a physical limitation, wishing to get into shape;
  • Recommends a gradual and motivating approach for people who have just started exercising;
  • Good preparation for the Cardio-Musculation program.

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