Plein Air Zen

Adopt the Zen Attitude

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Plein Air Zen, known internationally as Slow Move Fitness, is an innovative training program that focuses on slowing down the movement to increase strength and mobility. After completing your first Plein Air Zen session, you will notice that it is probably the first time your muscles have worked so intensely in a calm and zen environment. It’s the ideal program to improve your posture, muscle mass and balance all while achieving a relaxed state of mind.


Weight loss


Muscular endurance



How does it work?

The program begins with a fluid warm-up and deep breathing practice. The training then alternates muscle building, stretching and balancing on a very slow tempo to solicit the deep musculature. The session ends with a sequence of flexibility and relaxation. Everything is performed to the sound of a Tibetan bowl that puts us in a state of full awareness.

This program is offered 3 seasons a year.


Key benefits

  • Improve body awareness;
  • Improve posture;
  • Improve muscle mass and strength;
  • Improve balance and flexibility;
  • Achieve a deep state of relaxation;
  • Work in a state of cardiac coherence to slow down the respiratory rate. Cardiac coherence allows us to control our breathing, which in turn helps us lower stress, anxiety and blood pressure;
  • Good for people who are considering practising yoga.

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