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    Your physical and mental well-being
    Nature that gives you new strength
    An energizing community

    Varied workouts

    Whether you’re into jogging, hiking or exercising with your baby, Cardio Plein Air offers a wide range of training programs to suit all interests and levels.

    Certified trainers

    Our team of qualified trainers is on hand to suggest tailored exercises, giving each individual the chance to be active in complete safety and to regain confidence in their abilities.

    Active social life

    Cardio Plein Air isn’t only about loading up on endorphins and vitamin D, it’s also a social environment. We make it our business to know you by name, to check up on you and to give you the opportunity to socialize and exchange ideas with others.


    Exposure to sunlight is one of the best ways to fill up on vitamin D and can also provide a number of health benefits:

    • Absorption of calcium and phosphorus for strong, healthy bones;
    • Regulation of blood pressure;
    • Prevention of hypertension;
    • Contribution to healthy muscle function;
    • Improvement of mental health.

    The time needed to reach the recommended dose of vitamin C varies according to the exposure level and the surface of skin exposed. It ranges from several hours during winter to no more than 10-15 minutes in summer.

    That’s just one more reason for you to train with us all year round!

    Outdoor activity has been shown to reduce cortisol and adrenalin levels, which in turn reduces stress and anxiety while boosting morale. When the sympathetic nervous system slows down, the parasympathetic system becomes more active, resulting in less stress.

    Fresh air combined with exercise also has positive effects on health:

    • Control of heart rate and blood pressure;
    • Regulation of blood sugar levels;
    • Prevention of heart diseases, diabetes and certain chronic illnesses.

    The outdoors also increases the production of endorphins and dopamine, two mood-enhancing hormones that promote a state of well-being. It has also been demonstrated that nature has far greater mental health benefits than the gym:

    • Reduction of depressive and anxiety symptoms;
    • Relief of mental ruminations;
    • Decrease in loneliness and negative emotions;
    • Enhancement of positive feelings such as pleasure, personal satisfaction and peace.

    Outdoor physical activity improves sleep quality. Our internal biological clock, the circadian cycle, uses natural light to regulate itself and continuously synchronize to the correct schedule.

    The system relies on several synchronizers like light, exercise and temperature to determine its rhythm and balance your sleep-wake periods.

    Regular exercise also strengthens the immune system by increasing blood flow and triggering the release of infection-fighting substances.

    The soothing effect of nature and exposure to various components in the air, such as bacteria and viruses, strengthen the immune system, making you less prone to infection and disease.

    As immunity decreases with age, that’s yet another reason to get moving with us in the great outdoors!

    Physical activity significantly raises our body’s demand for oxygen. As outdoor air carries between 5 and 10 times less pollution than indoor air, exercising in nature is the best way to breathe purer and cleaner air.

    Accelerated breathing increases blood circulation and allows vital organs such as the heart and lungs to receive more oxygen and nutrients than normal, ensuring better functioning and increased efficiency. This not only helps to prevent disease, but also promotes better concentration, memory and much more.


    We are committed to fostering physical and mental wellbeing by supporting our participants through daily training in nature, while fostering a sense of belonging to the Cardio Plein Air community.

    Our values


    As physical, mental and social wellness remains central to our actions, we support our participants in achieving and maintaining their well-being through an active lifestyle.


    Nature is at the heart of Cardio Plein Air and its mission. But it also plays an essential role in delivering countless health benefits. Training outdoors intensifies the positive effects of physical activity.


    On top of providing a range of health benefits, Cardio Plein Air also aims to create a sense of belonging and collaboration through its training programs, which then becomes an additional source of motivation that brings people together every week to train.

    Client account

    Use the Cardio Plein Air application to manage your membership and customer account. It allows you to easily update your membership, organize your sessions, view your training schedule and track your invoices. Thanks to the Cardio Plein Air app, managing your membership and client account couldn’t be simpler.