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  • Nous apportons des changements à notre plateforme, des problèmes peuvent survenir, si cela vous arrive veuillez contacter votre franchisé.

    Discover a safe and energizing way to stay active with your baby throughout the winter by joining our Cardio-Traineau program. Benefit from the guidance of our experts, while contributing to your well-being and bonding with your child.

    Treat yourself to a safe, supervised experience with your baby by joining our outdoor program. Cardio Poussette: the perfect solution to strengthen the parent-child bond and to restore well-being.

    Get to know Cardio Musculation, our ultimate all-round training program designed to improve your fitness at your own pace. Our dedicated trainers provide cautious guidance and adapt to your pace, making sure you progress in complete safety.

    When it comes to improving your stamina and building muscle tone, Plein Air Tonus is the perfect choice. This program focuses on strengthening your muscles in a safe environment and at your own pace.

    Our Cardio Jogging program allows you to perfect your running technique while improving your physical condition. Available in three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

    This program combines exercises to strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular function, offering a complete and intense workout session. In addition, you’ll notice a speedy improvement in your physical fitness and lung capacity.

    Cardio-F.I.T. is ideal for those who want to stay active regardless of their busy schedule. This 30-minute program features high-intensity muscular and cardiovascular exercises, divided into circuits, stations and motions.

    Introducing Cardio-Vitalité, a program designed to strengthen your body progressively and at your own pace. This complete approach combines warm-up, muscular exercises and stretching for an all-round experience.

    Enjoy Cardio Nordique, a fusion of pole walking and muscular training. Thanks to its natural setting, this program allows you to exercise while admiring beautiful sceneries.

    Embrace the joys of winter with our Cardio Raquette program, a perfect way to diversify your training, be outdoors and enjoy the benefits of structured coaching. Come and enjoy the powder snow!