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    Getting back into shape can be particularly difficult for people who have suffered an injury, have a condition that limits their performance or have a more sedentary lifestyle. For this reason, we have developed Cardio-Vitality, a training program designed to strengthen the body progressively at your own pace. This complete approach features a warm-up, muscular training and a stretching segment.

    In addition to improving concentration, physical activity helps reduce the risk of injury, which increases with age. It may even slow down the onset of certain conditions, such as hypertension or joint problems. That is why our precious trainers are on hand to help you get back on track, adapting exercises to follow your progression.

    Look out for Cardio Vitalité OR, a program designed to strengthen both muscular and cardiovascular systems with a smooth, gentle workout. An effective and motivating way to improve your physical fitness while enjoying the sun! You can also choose our Express formula to fit in your busy schedule.