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    Find inspiring podcasts covering a variety of exciting programs. Imagine having a personal trainer ready to encourage you and guide you every step of the way.


    Live sessions

    Explore or rediscover the energy of group Outdoor Cardio workouts with our live training sessions, right in the comfort of your own home.


    Online sessions

    Get back to your favourite routines from the field while enjoying exciting new offerings, like our Cardio-Musculation -Vitalité fusion. We’ve designed these programs to suit all levels of intensity, so you can diversify your training to fit your schedule.

    Our team

    Cindy Otis
    With a diploma in sports intervention, she joined Cardio Plein Air as a trainer and franchisee over 12 years ago. Passionate and determined, she’ll offer you effective, motivating workouts tailored to your needs!
    Vicky Desrosiers
    With over 12 years of experience as a certified group trainer, her passion for the outdoors and people inspired her to become a Cardio Plein Air franchisee. Come and take a top-quality, cheerful class with this energetic, dynamic coach!
    Suzanne Therrien
    A Cardio Plein Air franchisee for 8 years and trainer 13 years, Suzanne is passionate about exercise, health and well-being. Her main goal is to let you have fun and feel good about yourself. Get moving with Suzanne!
    Sabrina Grégoire
    Also kinesiology graduate, Sabrina counts more than 10 years of experience in fitness and group training. Dynamic, inspiring and energetic, she’ll help you push yourself to the limit!
    Josiane Labelle
    A certified kinesiologist and massage therapist, Josiane has over 15 years of experience in fitness and teaching. Dynamic, smiling and full of energy, she’s always there to motivate you and help you surpass your limits.
    Patricia Drolet
    Certified in group training, she has been working as a trainer and Cardio Plein Air franchisee for 10 years. Come work out with this dynamic, lively coach who will challenge you, make you feel good, and most of all, ensure you have fun!
    Diane Lachapelle
    Graduated with a physical activity Intervention degree and with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Diane is a true health enthusiast. Training and nature have been a part of her lifestyle for as long as she can remember. Yes, it’s possible for moms and grandmas to stay in shape!
    Marie-Ève Massé
    A kinesiology graduate, Marie-Ève has been offering tailored workouts with Cardio Plein Air since the summer of 2015. Smiling and full of energy, Marie-Ève will help you surpass yourself while having fun!
    Chantal Rolland
    With more than 10 years of experience as a certified group and personal trainer, professionalism and vitality are at the forefront of all her training sessions. Meeting your needs and promoting your physical and mental well-being are key concerns, in a fun and motivating environment.
    Mélissa Tremblay
    A Kinesiology graduate, she’s been evolving in the training industry for 20 years, providing energetic, dynamic workouts. An expert in all aspects of posture, she provides guidelines for improving body awareness.
    Cynthia Calderon
    Cynthia Calderon is certified as a physical activity instructor since 2018. Come and experience the contagious energy she puts into all her workouts! Her joie de vivre and sense of humour will keep you motivated while she keeps guiding you as you move.
    Marie-Pierre Desaulniers
    A lifelong sports enthusiast, she decided back in 2012 to train as a group fitness coach. She has since been sharing this love with the greatest number of people and helping them achieve their goals. Her dynamism and professionalism are two great qualities that make her classes very stimulating!
    Sandra Laniel
    With a background in gymnastics and dance, Sandra has always led an active life. It wasn’t until 2019 that she decided to take the plunge and become a certified private trainer herself, after which she received further education in group fitness and aquatics. Sandra knows how to share her passion for movement with kindness and humour. Join her for a fun-filled workout!

    Our programs

    Here is the list of programs offered directly through our virtual portal

    Treat yourself to a safe, supervised experience with your baby by joining our outdoor program. Cardio Poussette: the perfect solution to strengthen the parent-child bond and to restore well-being.

    For those seeking the right balance between physical training and relaxation, our Plein Air Zen program is the ideal solution. What makes this experience unique is the fluid, smooth movements, gently executed to build muscular endurance to the soothing rhythm of a gong.

    When it comes to improving your stamina and building muscle tone, Plein Air Tonus is the perfect choice. This program focuses on strengthening your muscles in a safe environment and at your own pace.

    Our Cardio Jogging program allows you to perfect your running technique while improving your physical condition. Available in three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

    This program combines exercises to strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular function, offering a complete and intense workout session. In addition, you’ll notice a speedy improvement in your physical fitness and lung capacity.

    Cardio F.I.T. is ideal for those who want to stay active regardless of their busy schedule. This 30-minute program features high-intensity muscular and cardiovascular exercises, divided into circuits, stations and motions.

    Introducing Cardio-Vitalité, a program designed to strengthen your body progressively and at your own pace. This complete approach combines warm-up, muscular exercises and stretching for an all-round experience.

    This dynamic session focuses on abs, glutes and thighs. A variety of exercises work these key areas in depth, improving posture, strength and endurance. Whatever your fitness level, our team of trainers will provide you with expert guidance. Join us for a targeted, invigorating and effective session.

    Discover Récupération Active a program designed to improve joint mobility and flexibility, based on mindfulness exercises centred on breathing. Choose to participate either with or without equipment. Release muscular tension, develop flexibility and cultivate mindfulness through every movement. Open to all fitness levels, this program will help you recharge your batteries and connect with yourself. Treat yourself to a moment of well-being and renewed serenity.