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    11 December 2023 | News

    New website and application

    We’re proud to announce the official launch of our revamped website along with our brand new web application. These latest tools are designed to not only enhance, but above all, facilitate your Cardio Plein Air online experience. We strive to provide you with an attractive, functional and user-friendly platform. Accessibility Our new platform has been…
    30 August 2023 | News, Training

    New offering for our virtual membership – Free trial

    Fall marks a return to routine and busy schedules, but it’s also a good time to introduce new habits and activities designed to make you feel good! This fall, we’re back in force with a revamped and much more attractive virtual offer: 25 live sessions 5 podcasts 15 pre-recorded sessions
    26 June 2023 | Equipments

    Training in the rain: dressing with style and attitude for outdoors sessions in Québec!

    When raindrops start to fall, it doesn’t mean that you should cancel your outing! In fact, here’s the perfect opportunity to defy the elements and enjoy a refreshing, stimulating workout. But how exactly can you dress for a dry, yet committed workout in the rain? Read this article to discover our top tips for dressing…
    10 May 2023 | Equipments, Summer

    Your allies during summer

    Summer in Quebec means outdoor fun, but it can also present a threat to skin and general health. Sunlight, mosquitoes and ticks are common dangers for outdoor enthusiasts. That’s why you should protect yourself with appropriate sunscreen, sunglasses and mosquito repellent, and also take preventive measures against ticks.
    3 May 2023 | Summer, Tips and wellness

    Sunburn, heat stroke and insolation

    As fine weather is finally coming our way, some precautions must be taken. Indeed, although sunshine is a great gift when it comes to getting a sun-kissed glow and boosting our morale, it can also cause a number of problems when not responsibly enjoyed. Sunburn, heat stroke and insolation are issues that most of us…
    20 April 2023 | Tips and wellness

    Maintaining a good posture to avoid pain

    This week, let’s address a concern that applies to most of us: maintaining good posture in order to reduce back, shoulder and neck pain. We all spend long hours sitting at our desks, in front of our computers or cell phones. Unfortunately, this sedentary posture can have a detrimental effect on our health. Back, shoulder…
    14 April 2023 | Training

    Physical activity in small groups

    Exercising as a group is a growing trend across the fitness community. More and more people are looking to join training groups to stay motivated, gather social support and achieve better results.
    5 April 2023 | Tips and wellness

    The benefits of sleep on recovery 😴🧠🛌💪

    Sleep is a fundamental necessity for our body and mind. It is crucial to overall well-being, health and daily performance. Yet many people don’t get enough rest and underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep. This article explains just why sleep is a key factor contributing to recovery:
    30 March 2023 | Tips and wellness

    The blessings of walking ✨🌳🌞

    We tend to forget and underestimate the benefits of walking all too often. Because it isn’t a high-intensity sport, people often opt for other, more intense activities, believing that walking won’t bring as many benefits. However, we’re here to remind you otherwise!
    22 March 2023 | Equipments

    Choose the right stroller for your training sessions

    If you’re an active person who enjoys exercising while spending time with your baby, getting a training stroller can be a great choice for you. But with so many models available on the market, choosing the right one can be difficult. To pick the best training stroller for yourself and your baby, it’s important to…
    16 March 2023 | Tips and wellness

    What to eat before, during and after workout

    Nutrition greatly influences your sporting performance. Whether you’re a professional athlete or just a keen amateur, what you eat before, during and after training can have a significant impact on your results.
    8 March 2023 | Equipments

    How to choose your running shoes

    Picking the right footwear will ensure you work out in complete safety and comfort, especially when winter weather conditions become challenging. Inappropriate footwear can cause pain, injury and even spoil the enjoyment of exercise. However, choosing the right footwear can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help you get it right.
    1 March 2023 | Tips and wellness

    Let’s celebrate March, nutrition month!

    A good diet is fundamental to health and well-being! March, declared Nutrition Month, is the perfect time to focus on the benefits of choosing healthy products and discovering new flavours.
    22 February 2023 | Equipments, Winter

    Freezing, thawing, glazed frost… not sure if slippery or not

    Have you ever considered using crampons to prevent slipping on your daily outings or hikes? These traction devices can be attached to the soles of your shoes to improve grip on slippery or unstable surfaces. Whether you’re trekking across icy terrain or dealing with freezing rain, studded footwear can help you stay safe and move around…
    15 February 2023 | Equipments, Winter

    A few tips for choosing your walking poles

    If walking promotes a number of health benefits, the right equipment will help you get the most out of it. Walking poles, for example, are essential for improving stability, posture and propulsion as you walk. However, with such a wide variety of poles available on the market, you may not know which ones to choose.
    8 February 2023 | Equipments, Winter

    Picking out your snowshoes

    Snowshoe walking, also known as “winter snowshoeing”, consists of walking on snow with snowshoes. This fun and accessible way of enjoying winter is also an excellent exercise.
    31 January 2023 | Training, Winter

    Yes indeed! With Cardio Plein Air, you can train all year long!

    Exercising outdoors can be challenging in winter, especially when the weather is freezing cold ❄️🌨🥶 Dressing appropriately means you can enjoy a safe and comfortable workout with Cardio Plein Air. Read on for some tips on how to properly dress for your favourite outdoor activity this winter: