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  • 26 June 2023 | Equipments

    When raindrops start to fall, it doesn’t mean that you should cancel your outing! In fact, here’s the perfect opportunity to defy the elements and enjoy a refreshing, stimulating workout. But how exactly can you dress for a dry, yet committed workout in the rain? Read this article to discover our top tips for dressing with style and convenience for your rainy outdoor workouts in Quebec.

    Opt for quality rainwear

    Whenever you’re training out in the rain, it’s essential to wear quality waterproof clothing to keep you dry. Since weather conditions in Quebec can be unpredictable, it’s particularly important to choose clothing that will protect you from the rain while allowing your body to breathe. Look for waterproof jackets and pants designed specifically for outdoor sports activities.

    Choose breathable fabric

    Remember to wear clothing made from breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics. The latest technical textiles allow sweat to evaporate, keeping you comfortable and dry during your workout while avoiding the unpleasant sensation of being drenched from head to toe. Select clothing that provides good ventilation for a more enjoyable experience, even in the rain.

    Get the right footwear

    When it comes to training in the rain, footwear remains a key factor. Here in Quebec, as surfaces can turn slippery on rainy days, choosing waterproof running shoes that provide good grip is a top priority. Not only will this help you prevent slipping, it will also ensure optimum stability during your outdoor workouts, regardless of the weather conditions.

    Don’t forget the accessories

    Because rain in Quebec is often joined by cold winds, proper protection is essential. We recommend wearing a hat or cap to protect your face from the precipitations, some gloves to keep your hands dry and a waterproof running belt to secure your valuable items. Stay comfortable and worry-free during your trainings with these handy accessories!

    Ensure visibility and safety

    As training in the rain can result in reduce visibility, you need to be prepared and make sure you stay visible to other road and trail users. Roads and trails in Quebec are often shared, so it’s crucial to wear brightly coloured clothing or reflective gear so motorists, cyclists and other athletes can spot you easily, even in bad weather. Also make sure to carry a headlamp or safety lights to maximize your visibility.

    Don’t let the rain spoil your desire to train outdoors. Simply follow these tips for dressing accordingly and enjoy rainy workouts while staying dry and motivated. This way you can get ready, slip in your quality waterproof gear, get the right accessories, and go out against the elements with style and determination. In Quebec, outdoor adventure doesn’t stop, even on wet days. A little rain won’t put out your inner fire! Learn more about our outdoor training programs across Quebec and enjoy unique experiences immersed in breathtaking landscapes, regardless of the vagaries of daily weather.