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    Join Cardio Nordique for a pleasant mix of pole walking and muscular training under the sun. Each session also features a stretching segment and muscular training. What makes this program particularly enjoyable is travelling along charming, scenic landscapes. Combining cardio and muscular effort makes it the ideal all-round training solution to stay active and enjoy beautiful scenery.

    Back problems tend to become particularly severe with age. Building muscle mass and adopting good life habits will help prevent spinal, muscular and joint pain, amongst other things.

    Come and soak up the seasonal views as you work on your fitness with our passionate trainers. They’ll guide you towards your goals, help you develop new healthy habits and show you around. Let’s get adventurous!

    Look out for our Express formula, an accelerated version of our regular training program. Although this variation involves a little less muscular training, it gives you the opportunity to stay active despite your busy schedule. So let’s get moving!