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    Cardio Bootcamp offers a 60-minute workout switching from high-intensity efforts to rest periods. Each session kicks off with a stretching sequence, followed by 35 to 40 minutes of on-the-move workout. All of which is wrapped up with a 15-minute muscular training segment for a complete, effective formula. This program combines exercises to strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular function, offering a complete and intense workout session.

    On top of reducing stress, outdoor activity also delivers a host of health benefits. These include prevention of chronic diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. In addition, you’ll notice a speedy improvement in your physical fitness and lung capacity. What a wonderful opportunity to come and enjoy the scenery!

    Look out for our Express formula, a 45-minute version offered by certain franchises, which skips the 15-minute muscular training segment. This shorter, yet just as intense variation is guaranteed to help you maintain good muscle mass.