Refining Your Technique to Run Better

Maximize your run progress and prevent injuries with the personalized, professional and safe coaching offered by our certified coaches. Program available in three levels.


What is it?

Cardio-Jogging is a progressive workout with intervals to ensure constant and motivating progress, under the watchful eyes of a certified trainer who corrects and advises each participant.


Weight loss


Cardiovascular fitness


Muscular endurance

How does it work?

Each Cardio-Jogging workout includes a warm-up, a series of educational activities, a 40-minute cardiovascular period, alternating jogging and walking, as well as strengthening and stretching exercises that promote the prevention of running injuries. Each week, the coach will help you progress by increasing the jogging period while decreasing the recovery walking period according to the level at which you will be registered (initiation, intermediate or advanced).

Initiation (1): For those who want to learn to run safely and gradually by developing their aerobic and muscular endurance and by developing a good technique.

Intermediate (2): For those who have already started running or train 2 to 3 times a week and want to improve their technique with more advanced intervals.

Advanced (3): For those who are already running 2 to 3 times a week and want to improve their technique with intervals that are different at each workout and that will have a positive impact on their maximum aerobic power and their maximum aerobic speed.


Specificities for moms with strollers

Strollers are accepted when “Strollers welcome” is displayed at the time of registration. Strollers will not be accepted if this mention is not present.

Initiation (1): This level is accessible to mothers who have not run since the arrival of their baby. It is important to wait a minimum of 12 weeks after delivery.

Intermediate (2) and Advanced (3): It is necessary to wait a minimum of 16 weeks after the delivery.

It is strongly recommended that you obtain the approval of a physiotherapist specialized in perineal reeducation or a doctor’s note for the return to physical activities such as running. A physiotherapist in perineal reeducation will help you prevent problems caused by a weak or loose pelvic floor to avoid organ descent. If the pelvic musculature has not fully recovered, opt for Cardio-Poussette workouts without impact.


Key benefits

  • Suggests controlled progress;
  • Offers a complete workout;
  • Allows preparation for a race for a personal and specific challenge;
  • Prevents injury through personalized, professional and safe coaching.

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